thing 23 – connect & reflect

my voicethread

Incredible!  That is the word that comes to mind when I look back over this course.  I now have the following resources at my disposal:

  • Gmail
  • Edublog
  • RSS feaders
  • a wiki
  • Creative Commons
  • photosharing and tagging
  • online conferences
  • Blabberize
  • delicious!
  • the Library Thing
  • podcasting
  • YouTube and TeacherTube
  • Google Docs
  • Pageflakes
  • Social Networking
  • Classroom 2.0
  • NING Networks

These are just the tip of the iceberg of great tools available to us all on the www.


The burning question for me now is – how do I make the best use of my time to insert these new (to me) tools into my classroom and my life?  It will be a challenge but a worthwhile one!  I have glimpsed what can be done to make learning exciting to the students of today – who are way ahead of us when it comes to technology.  We must keep up to date with the latest and greatest tools so our teaching is all it can be.  The future is here.  We must embrace it.  It will be fun!  Now, if I can find a way to add the 6 hours to each day that I need to do this…

thing 22 – social networking

I had a head start here – I got a Facebook page when my daughters wanted to get one.  I wanted to see what it was all about and know how it worked.  I found two friends from high school the first day.  I think since computers are a huge part of our lives and the way we communicate these days, it would be foolish not to jump in.  You do need to explore which sites your children and your students want to use – there are some bad sites out there.  Classroom 2.0 is now my first stop when I want to see what other educators and computer types are saying and doing today.  I think it will help me continue to learn – having one great site like that to reference.


I really like Pageflakes – it is very easy to use and easy to change – I think this will be the first thing I share with my students. I like the option for games, too. I am thinking of putting my daily homework assignments for my classes on my pageflake in the ‘to do’ list…then students and parents could check there if a student was absent or forgot to write down their homework!
A good thing!


I thing this will be very useful for my 8th grade Algebra class.  As I become more knowledgeable about how to use these web tools, I can invite my students to participate online and work on projects online.  The more they share what they are learning, the more they will learn.  It will mean more work for me up front, but as I gain knowledge about how to do stuff, we will reach critical mass and – boom – the learning will take off exponentially!  I cannot wait for that to happen…

thing 19 – youtube and teachertube and michael buble`

This was an easy task – I already know and use youtube and teachertube and my favorite thing to do lately is to listen to Michael Buble` on youtube!  He is the coolest!

Michael Buble` is FEELING GOOD

Then there is the PI rap . . . I hate rap except for this one . . . I use it on Pi Day (3/14) as part of our celebration.  My student love it – they have been talking about Pi Day since August!


And of course, our tribute to pi would not be complete without the Number Pi Challenge…

The Number Pi Challenge

A bonus pi … the Pi Song!

The Pi Song be careful with this one…had us rolling in the floor!

For a how to … HOW TO CHEAT ON ANY TEST!  I was surprised at this!  It is an idea with great cunning and now that I know – they won’t get this one past me!  All teachers – especially middle school and high school – should watch this one!!



thing 7b – from my google reader


Wow!  A blast from the past!  One of my readers found this!  A DOD infomercial for a weapons system under development – the BMDS – MKV.  It is a Ballistic Missile Defense System based on Multiple Kill Vehicles…brings back memories!  My first job out of college was with the DOD working on missiles so this was right up my alley!  Some people might not appreciate the cool factor but if it works – we all will!